This "lady" has no business seeing any patient whatsoever. She is stuck in mindset of 1991 medical training (as far as autism spectrum) and needs to update her education.

She does not listen, very confrontational, rude and downright hateful, makes WRONG assumptions and fights about it, prescribes TOXIC meds combo. Staff said everyone complains about her. She is more interested in being right than helping patients. She does not listen, she does not ask pertinent questions, she accuses and interrupts constantly.

She is about to be fired, errr contract NOT renewed, according to staff. Dr. Strebeck, you are an argumentative, evil self centered, know it all (NOT) with a god complex and you have no business in the medical field whatsoever, unless it's cleaning toilets. Good riddance.

So glad I recorded our session today. Good luck finding a new job you rotten person.

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