I was taking therapeutic medication and got poisoned by it due to lack of testing and misdiagnosis. If you want to be ignored, go here.

If you want to sit in waiting rooms for hours, go here. They triple book patients and rush through your appointment that you waited months to even get. It is all politics, neglect, and you end up more sick after treatment. I have many more medical problems from their treatment.

Its frustrating to even deal with JPS. They trap you to come to their clinics and tell you they re The only ones who can help you.

Cheap is not always better. It took eight months and multiple ER trips and admissions to hospital before they realized they were poisoning me with medication and now I am left with the aftermath.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #591897

The care we provide our patients is always important to us. We ask any patient who has a concern about their treatment or experience to contact us at wecare@jpshealth.org so we may address the issue. Thank you.

to JPS Health Network Keller, Texas, United States #949618

I would but my computer says the site has security issues...laughable.

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