I had s dentist apt at briant irvin rd at11 I had to take a taxie I tried to call over and over to tell them traffic had us a little late mabey ten mins no answer over and over I got in office at 1108 ,a man was standing checkin In I stiod a few mins and had a seat no one else was waiting ! She saw mw there so she takes about 6 ?minutes getting his info and money I walk up at 1114 she gave my appt away knowing I was there in the fifteen mins allowed !

She told me I could waitvtwo hrs andif tha person does notvshow I could see the dentist ! What ! I was there before my fifteen mins was up !

She said her computer said it was twenty minutes I sat for over six minutes in front of her !and stood in front of her a good six or seven minutes I complained to the mgr I had to go to desk and tell the girl up at desk she had to go get mgr she went to dental clinic talked to lady and said walked up front to me and told me she was sorry and gave me the complaint line that solved the 120 .ride in the taxie cab didnt it the mrwalked me to the door and saw my taxie I told hervto look at my clock after that it was only 1124 ! Jps got ripped off for 120.00 because an employee was a liar and a very rude person this woman at thevfront desk at the briant irving jps health unit dental dept should be fired for screwing jps out of 120.00 tax dollars waisted because she did not have the courtesy to ask my name before she gave away my appt in front of me I will never go there again my cab driver said never in four years has he ever had that happen to any jps customer and patient !

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