this is the most unproffesional and ghetto hospital in the world i do realize you dont have to pay for it if your dont have the money but the staff treats patients like they are inmates from jail. The classification department has nothing but fat obest people in their who cant get out of their seat even to read the name on the clip board they are extremeley rude, i feel like if i was to die on the hospital floor they wont even notice, but the worst one is the Viola pitts location. it takes them 4 months to get yhou medical records.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1354210

I will agree with you 100%, as such has been my own experience. Sadly, I've been going there for close to 10 years, and you would think care would improve for so long.

Ha! One of my reviews is about my PCP there at Pitts. Last 2 visits I've had with her, she entered the room saying: I'm running late and don't have time to listen to all that is going on with you today. Really?

Hm! Too bad, cuz I no longer have time for her, but I'm sure my new doctor will! I've already called my insurance company and dropped her, and have an appt set up with a new Internist the first of August. Nearly 10 years of being a patient there!

Poof! And I'm gone! I'm on disability, but nobody treats me like that. I still make my payments, and if it is less than others, that is besides the point.

It's the principle, because I am paying to be cared for! By the way, I didn't choose to have an Auto-Immune Disease.

Keller, Texas, United States #949617

My Elderly uncle has hep c. THEY have known this for months...he also has a hole in his heart that he was BORN with...yet they insisted on booking him for an invasive heart surgery BEFORE treating him for the hep...the cardiologist AT LEAST had some sense and was pissed that they had booked him for a heart surgery BEFORE treating him for hep c...obviously a no-brainer since he is very ill from the HEP...not a heart condition he has had since birth...

with yellow eyes and blood that clots poorly....isn't the immediate treatment for HEP a no brainer?? Yet they keep giving him various blood tests...when finding his rhuematoid factor was high (as it is with hep) they are now completely ignoring the hepatitis and sent him for more tests for various auto-immune issues where the rhuematiod factor will be high...ALL INCONCLUSIVE...yet STILL made him YET ANOTHER apt.at a rhuematologist...for CHRISTSAKE TREAT THE *** HEP...I am going to talk to his "primary care" doctor and reem them out good since my mother is the one taking him to these appointments which do NOTHING while he slowly dies....they are seniors for Christsake...I am about to take him to HEB and tell them what has been going on...then the negligence will be on record with a third party and they will either get off their *** or I will get a lawyer... it is despicable the way people are treated like idiots...does each department get a kick back of some kind for office visits? Is that the deal?

What about the hippocratic oath?Are they all *** or just so unethical that they should loose their liscenses???

Anyone know where an OFFICIAL complaint can be filed? My uncle is literally DYING.

to Kathleen Cameron Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1354218

For JPS? Good luck.

I will give you the Patient and Family Relations phone number I finally found, but don't waste your time on any website as after many failed attempts, I learned they all lead you to the Google search page for JPS, and it's just a circle. I posted a review about that, today, too.

I'm so sorry about your father, and that is just unacceptable treatment.

No promises this phone number will help, but I spoke with Norma today about just one of many problems and she has made progress with it.

Here is her number: 817-702-1333 (Norma)

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