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Dr. Merchant pain management

I am new to JP's pain management I have degenerative rheumatoid arthritis I have PAD disease a.vascular disease of hips legs and knees I have had stents put in thru both groin areas down to my feet they made no difference in my chronic pain I am very anxious about my appt Friday can I please have all information I can about him and his cause for truely understanding chronic pain and not afraid to prescribe any medicine needed. Thank you so much


Health mental evaluation

My gf threaten that she was going to cut her dad throat and the police took her fo jps for evaluation and it hasn't been a full 24 hours that shes been in their. And its her first time ever going through something like this.

How long will they hold her? And if she doesnt pass the evaluation will they hold her longer or provide her with medicine?


Once they evaluate her they will decide what if any medications she might need. They will keep her there until they decide she is not a threat to herself or others.

She will get counseling and attend group meetings while she is there. She probably won't be allowed phone calls for a day or two, maybe more. Just be patient and let them evaluate what is going on with her. If they send her home with meds, encourage her and remind her gently to take them as prescribed.

And watch for any adverse side effects or deteriorization of her mental state. Some medications can have the opposite effect in some people and suicidal or homicidal thoughts may become worse.

This may not happen at all. But keep an eye on her.Best of luck to you both


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