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Jps Health Network - Dental service put my life in danger

They lied and said no possible way of having a cavity or tooth infection. There was a cavity on my wisdom tooth. They were shocked when I told them I own a dental mirror. They are just scammers. Lost 37 dollars. No filling, no extraction. If a cavity becomes abcessed you can die. All it takes is time enough for the cavity to break thru. Then you can have bloos infection and die. The dentist was acting wierd raking my teeth back and forth. Stay away find a medicaid dentist. {{Redacted}}
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Pain management has changed policies partly because they are changing the Arlington site to Sports Medicine. Trying to run patients off as they have run off the best doctors. First they ran Dr. Faulkner off. Then they ran Dr Hein off. Now they have run me off. I have 2...
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