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I went to er after going to urgent care and seeing a regular Dr they directed me to so I could get my meds refilled I have 3 bulging disc slight scoliosis and degenerative disease in my back I recently started having extreme pain in my hands and took my mri and a...
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Hi ,my name is Connie Lee Woods and I have a complaint to file on Dr Kajarker and his intrim agency look alikes would you please get him and Dr Hauke of of me Im tired of them messing up my stomache , feet, legs,skin face,sentage and I don't want either one of them as...
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I didn't like
  • Doctors that i recived
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Have been here for about 2 hours and the service is slow. The nurses and Drs. Are busystem having non work related conversations and standing at the nurses desk laughing it up. When I went andon't politely asked how much longer til I would be seen the nurse and the...
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This "lady" has no business seeing any patient whatsoever. She is stuck in mindset of 1991 medical training (as far as autism spectrum) and needs to update her education. She does not listen, very confrontational, rude and downright hateful, makes WRONG assumptions and...
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